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Same-Day Dentistry at Orchard Hills Dentistry

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We understand life is busy – whether your schedule is full of meetings, taking the kids to activities or squeezing in a little time for yourself – visiting the dentist multiple times to get a crown is probably not high on your to-do list. The solution is same-day dentistry at Orchard Hills Dentistry in Yakima, WA.

Currently, traditional crowns involve multiple visits and placement of a temporary crown while your permanent crown is created by an off-site lab. Who wants to make time for that? Crowns crafted in one day using the most current digital technology are not only convenient, they’re safe, strong, effective and have a natural appearance.

Some of the key benefits of same-day dentistry crowns are:

  • Save time – Only one visit. No need to wait for weeks for a permanent crown.
  • Pain relief – Get your new smile same-day and prevent further tooth damage.
  • Natural appearance – New crown will look like your other teeth with color matching.
  • Reduce sensitivity – Hot and cold sensitivity will be reduced (fixed) with new crowns.
  • Digital impression – New CEREC crown technology increases accuracy and comfort. No more messy impressions with gooey paste!

The process is quick and easy for patients. It starts with using a small, intra-oral camera to take a series of 3-D images of the tooth. These images, along with their precise measurements, appear on a computer screen where we will tweak the dimensions as necessary before sending a finalized version to the milling phase right in our office. Here, a machine carves a crown from a block of ceramic that is then ready to be bonded to your tooth—the same material and quality of a traditionally made crown, but in a fraction of the time. From start to finish, the entire process of getting a dental crown takes less than two hours.


Same Day Cerec

At Orchard Hills Dentistry, we offer same-day dentistry and a variety of services that are designed to get you to Smile More! Call us today at 509.452.6761 to schedule an appointment.


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