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At Orchard Hills Dentistry, we work to help you smile more.  We offer a variety of payment options.  For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, Care Credit, and we provide cash discounts when paid at the time of service.

Dental Insurance Accepted

We accept most major dental insurance plans. Call us or check with your insurance company to see if we’re a preferred provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a preferred provider with my insurance company?

We are a contracted provider for several insurance companies. Please call our office for the most up to date list. If you are free to choose your dentist, we would be happy to bill your insurance company directly for you.

What types of payment do you accept?

We understand dental financing and the challenges associated with creating a new smile. Our staff may be able to offer you several options for payment. Our goal is to help you select the right option for your needs. We currently accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and CareCredit.

How much is a crown going to cost?

We are very proud of our fees because they represent the quality of care that you will receive. We use the highest quality materials, a great lab, and our staff is very highly trained. Each person’s needs are so individual that in order to give you a an accurate estimate, we would need to see you for a new patient exam.

How long does a crown last?

There are many things that determine how long a crown lasts: diet, home care and the kind of bacteria in your mouth. You will get a lot more life from a crown when you commit to routine recalls and exams. If you are able to do your recall and get regular checkups every 6 months, we can detect problems early on.

What causes old silver fillings to start breaking down?

Fillings wear out because of the force of your jaw, the kinds of foods you eat and the temperature of your foods. As an example, chewing on ice is extremely bad for fillings. Ice is very cold as well as intensely hard. Another problem is that often times the silver filling doesn’t break, but the tooth does! Because silver fillings are so rigid, they will generally hold up but your tooth will not. There is not a lot of resilience to the amalgam material so it’s usually a part of your tooth that will break before the amalgam breaks.

Are white fillings better than silver fillings?

Tooth colored filling material has really come a long way. In the past, they would last anywhere from 5-7 years before they would start to wear out. Now the tooth colored material is better and stronger than ever before. Because of the mercury in silver fillings, many patients are choosing tooth colored fillings. The tooth colored material is a more popular choice for aesthetic reasons also.

Will I have pain after my new crown/filling?

A new filling can have some sensitivity to cold and sometimes to bite pressure. We do place a desensitizing solution that will help cut any sensitivity. We check your bite carefully. If you do have sensitivity to cold, this should gradually go away over time. Be sure to call us with any concerns.

How much will my insurance cover?

We would be happy to check on that for you. First we would need to get a little more information and then we would call your insurance company. Once we get a complete breakdown of benefits, we would be able to give you more accurate information to help answer your question. Many insurance plans cover basic care yet most American adults have more than basic needs. The plan your employer has chosen for you may have limitations. We will let you know the details after we call to verify your benefits.

Can I wait for my treatment until my insurance renews next year?

Insurance company benefits are for basic services and 95% of adults need more than basic services. It would be better to have your treatment done now. You might break the tooth or the decay can get much worse if you delay. Preventative treatment, such as exams and cleanings, is always less expensive than emergency treatment. You are lucky that you have insurance, but we would not recommend waiting until your insurance renews for a service that you need right now.

So is this all I’ll have to pay?

With your insurance, our dental office is a third party in the relationship. The relationship really exists between the insurance company and yourself; the insurance companies won’t always give us accurate information. We’re happy to bill your insurance company for you. We cannot guarantee that this is the exact amount that they will pay and you will be responsible for any difference.

Why has my insurance changed how they pay for my cleanings? They used to pay it at 100% and I didn’t have to pay a deductible and a percentage?

You were considered a routine adult prophy before and an adult prophy was paid at 100% by your insurance company. Your needs have changed and you now have signs of periodontal disease. This happens for a lot of adults. Sometimes it’s caused by aging; other times, the bacteria in your mouth can change. For some people, gum disease runs in their family. It’s really important that you have your teeth cleaned thoroughly; this will be the best way to prevent more bone loss. If you lose the bone around your teeth, you can lose your teeth. With your insurance company, your benefit plan will pay approximately 80% for any periodontal service. Your deductible will also apply. Because your needs have changed, your insurance coverage has changed as well.

Is my filling going to be tooth colored and look like a tooth?

Yes. We have shade guides that help us pick the same color that your tooth enamel is now. Your filling should blend in well.